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Book Club

J. D.'s novels make for terrific book club reads. Find some questions below to get the conversation started.


And don't be a stranger - J. D. loves being invited to book clubs to chat with readers about THE BLUE JEWEL and THE EMERALD PRINCESS, answer questions, discuss his writing process, and geek out in general about books. Reach out and email him the invite (or DM using the Twitter & Instagram links below) to your next book club!

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J. D.

Book Club Questions for

  1. What did you think of Cal's transformation?

  2. A faction within the rebels wished to forge an alliance with the Devisus, while another faction wished to tough it out alone and rid the planet of the alien colonizers altogether. Who would you have followed?

  3. The attack on Mexicali was a turning point in Cal's journey - what did Eddie mean by "there's no such thing as monsters"?

  4. How did the colonization of Earth impact the caste system experienced by the humans? What did it mean for white privilege? 

  5. The use of color and other symbology was used throughout the novel. How did you notice color being used in the text? 

  6. At the end of the novel, the rebels destroy the Devisus' flagship in the San Diego Bay. What do you expect to happen to the intergalactic politics? How will that impact the fight for human liberation and freedom on Earth?

  7. Who was your favorite character, and why?

  8. Ameenah as a character was Cal's love interest, but she is so much more. What does she represent in the novel?

  9. What surprised you about the world of THE BLUE JEWEL? Are there any details, characters, or events that really stuck with you?

  10. Many characters in THE BLUE JEWEL are passionate about literature, the arts, drama, and music. What role does that passion play in defining humanity?

Book Club Questions for

  1. Right out of the gate - and be honest! - did you suspect Rhiannon to be the Emerald Princess? What clues did you notice through Ann's eyes that she had missed?

  2. Have you read any classic noir? What did you enjoy or dislike about this genre mash-up between noir, paranormal thriller, and sci-fi?

  3. Describe Ann's character arc. How was she as a person affected by the events of the book, her own decisions, and those of Rhiannon?

  4. The author's choice to tell Ann's story in the 1st Person perspective grants the reader some unique perspective into Ann's story. How would the reader's experience been different had the author used the more traditional 3rd Person perspective? 

  5.  What surprised you about the world of THE EMERALD PRINCESS? Are there any details, characters, or events that really stuck with you?

  6. At the surface, the lived-experience of Ann and that of Detective Alva are very different. However, as Detective Alva points out, they could both be considered "Mid-Worlders". What was your reaction to Alva saying that to Ann?

  7.  The word "liminal" means "relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process", or "occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold". How does the word "liminal" apply to Ann?

  8. Have you ever found yourself in a "liminal space" or to be a "liminal person"?

  9. Both noir and sci-fi are excellent genres for pulling the curtain back on our own realities. What are your thoughts on the caste system within THE EMERALD PRINCESS?

  10. What do you think is next for Ann? What's next for Rhiannon?

Invite J. D. to your book club!

J. D. would love to meet you and attend your book club virtually to discuss THE BLUE JEWEL or THE EMERALD PRINCESS. Contact him here, or DM him directly via Twitter or Instagram! (Spoutible too - @jd_writes)

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J. D.

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