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The Great War is over, but insurrection embroils colonized Earth as the rebels battle Alien conquerors. Calvin desperately tries to hold his family together. He faces Alien captors, raiders, and even other rebels in his quest to preserve those he loves. But how far must he go to protect what he treasures? The Blue Jewel is a thrilling space opera of conquest and adventure, as Calvin explores what it means to be human. Can what is left of the human race preserve itself?

The Blue Jewel is available in paperback and as an eBook on Amazon.



Out-of-work cartographer and aviatrix Ann Raymond finds herself on a job to retrieve stolen artwork hidden on Earth. Little does she know, one of the artifacts is more than she seems. The Emerald Princess takes place on Earth in the same universe as The Blue Jewel, though several years after Calvin's adventures. If you like mysteries and sci-fi, you'll love this "Tech-Noir" novella. 

The Emerald Princess is available in paperback and as an eBook on Amazon. 



Bill has always felt like a misfit growing up the adopted South Korean boy living in a white evangelical community in Austin, Texas. The neurodivergent college drop-out with overbearing parents starts a catering business to follow his dream selling pastries and other delectables. Unfortunately, the make-or-break order is from the wrong Austin—the one in Minnesota. With his dream fading literally a thousand miles away, Bill sets off on a journey with stranger musician Garrett, who must get his magic drum set to the battle of the bands in Minneapolis by the same weekend. The polar opposites navigate vengeful bandmates, old flames, sorority girl drug mules, and their own pasts on this heavy yet light-hearted buddy road trip adventure. Can Bill shake off his past and become the main character of his own story?

Release Date September 22nd, 2023 

Tropical Storm


J. D. is really excited to share the story of Beyond God and Devils with you. This novel will be his first dip into the waters of paranormal horror/crime fiction. 

One day soon . . .


Stand by. Bill's Bytes got in the way. 

Blue Jewel
Emerald Princess
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Beyond God and Devils
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