The Great War is over, but insurrection embroils colonized Earth as the rebels battle Alien conquerors. Calvin desperately tries to hold his family together. He faces Alien captors, raiders, and even other rebels in his quest to preserve those he loves. But how far must he go to protect what he treasures? The Blue Jewel is a thrilling space opera of conquest and adventure, as Calvin explores what it means to be human. Can what is left of the human race preserve itself?


Green Typewriter

J. D. has two additional novels in the works:

The Emerald Princess, and The Tourist

The Emerald Princess is a crime thriller taking place in the same universe as The Blue Jewel, but follows different characters. This novel has a tentative release date of Fall 2019. 

The Tourist is a separate work from the others. There is no guess as to a release date at this time.






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Check out J. D.'s debut interview with science fiction writer and blogger Chris Morton. Chris is an interesting fellow from the United Kingdom who has lived all over the world, including most recently Taiwan. He continues to publish books across a wide variety of genres.

27 February 2019

New Adventures in Sci-Fi


MR Richardson.jpg

Master world-builder M. R. Richardson took time out of his busy writing schedule to interview J. D. and discuss their shared love of space operas. M. R. Richardson has published several science fiction novels, each full of intrigue.

1 March 2019

Fresh Author Interviews


Christina DZA Marie profile-pic_1_orig.p

Speculative fiction writer and fellow geek Christina "DZA" Marie recently posted her interview with J. D. to her fabulous blog, Dragons, Zombies, and Aliens. Christina is known for her thoughtful book reviews and engaging author-interviews, typically highlighting special reads focused on the not-so-classic heroes and heroines. We're looking at you, Calvin Durkin. . . 

J. D. admires Christina for her goal of "changing the landscape of speculative fiction writing and media entirely" by including a more diverse cast and breathing life into all typically under-represented characters. 

3 April 2019

Dragons, Zombies, and Aliens


Novelize N.png

J. D. was featured on the Novelize Blog! Novelize is an outstanding web-based writing app preferred  by many writers for the rich feature set, tool usability, and tailored flexibility. Their customer support is outstanding - they really know what a writer needs. J. D. wrote the first draft of The Blue Jewel in Novelize's cloud-based environment, and continues to use the app for other works. Thanks Novelize, for showing J. D. some love!

If you are looking for a full-feature web-based writing app that isn't bloated or cumbersome, check out Novelize (link through "Author Spotlight").  

13 April 2019

Novelize Blog


Dave Darin.jpg

J. D. and Corina were interviewed in a live broadcast on The Dave Darin Show (NYC) to promote their novel The Blue Jewel! Check out their chat with Dave ranging from what it's like to write science fiction, to UFOs, to alternate dimensions, time travel, and everything in between. Pretty zany stuff.

7 May 2019

The Dave Darin Radio Show




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